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Stocking Stuffers


Twelve Days of Stocking Stuffers! Here are our picks for this year's stocking stuffers:

Car Diffusers - Our car diffusers provide an amazing scent to freshen the air in your car and are the perfect stylish accessory.

Mango Butter Cuticle Cream - Transform your brittle nails and cracked fingertips to beautifully soft and attractive with this lemon-scented cuticle cream.

Diffuser Oils - Our Premium Grade Fragrance Oils are formulated to be suitable for use in home aroma diffusers, scented dryer sheets, and many more.

Gingerbread Man Soap - A perfect gift for the holiday season - Gingerbread Man Soap. So cute and smells just like fresh baked gingerbread cookies.

Satin & Silk Cream - Our Satin and Silk Cream contains Shea Butter, Aloe, Silk Amino Acids, Sunflower, and Coconut oils. Shea Butter and Aloe are well known moisturizers. Sunflower Oil and Coconut oils are rich in Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant. Silk Amino Acids provide a silky feel to the lotion. Our Satin and Silk Cream does not clog pours and does not contain mineral oil.

Christmas Pine - Our exclusive Christmas Pine fragrance is a holiday blend of blend of bayberry, fir-needle, pine, and balsam.

Santa’s PipeOur Santa's Pipe fragrance is a warm combination of cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla, and tobacco. This fragrance is phthalate free.

Frankincense And Myrrh - Our Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance is the quintessential holiday blend. Rich resinous base notes topped with Peru balsam and amber for a bit of sweetness. Subtle, yet satisfying!

Orange Clove - Our Orange Clove is warm orange with select spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. This fragrance is phthalate free.

Peppermint Candy - Peppermint Candy smells like Christmas peppermint candy. This fragrance is phthalate free.

Sugared Spruce - Our Sugared Spruce is a pleasant woody aroma year round that is a perfect blend of greenery and sweetness. Sugared Spruce has notes of stately Blue Spruce, earthen moss, warm cedar wood, and balsam wood rounded out with a base of vanilla and caramel butter with sweet berry hints, cassis, and sugar crystals. This fragrance is phthalate free.

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