About Us

Eclectic Lady specializes in small, custom-made home, bath, and body products. Our products are handmade to order in micro batches. Everything is fresh and made especially for you.

You can select from all natural products, our fragrance free line, and from over 200 delightful fragrance choices! Besides our handmade soaps, we offer:

Bath Oils
Bath Salts
Body Sprays
Body Wash
Car Diffusers
Car Sprays
Handmade Soap
Linen Sprays
Massage Oils
Perfume Oils
Room Sprays
Satin and Silk Body Cream
Shampoo Soap
Smelly Jellies
Walnut Body Scrub

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:   How do I find out about sales and promotions?
A:   You can sign up for our newsletter or find us on the social networks listed below.

Q:   Why Eclectic? What does it mean? How do you say that?
A:   According to Merriam-Websters - eclec·tic [e-'klek-tik], adj. Selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles.

We tend to lean toward classic themes, but as you peruse Eclectic Lady you will see products that are marching to a different beat. There are products that are all natural and others that are not. There are upscale items, custom items and fun products. There is a little bit of just about everything here. We are sure you'll find something you like.