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Glycerin is a humectant or a moisturizer. It is also called "glycerine" or "glycerol". Glycerin pulls moisture out of the air to your skin. In the 1800s, glycerin was recovered from the candlemaking process. Candles were made from animal fats. In the late 1800s a process was created to take the glycerin from soap. The glycerin was used to make nitrogylcerin, which is used to make dynamite. In the 1940s, people were asked to save the drippings from their cooking. The animal fats were collected and converted into glycerin (through soapmaking) and into explosives for the war effort.

Nowadays, glycerin is produced from propylene alcohol or naturally derived from vegetable oils. Glycerin can also be extracted from soap made from vegetable oils. This glycerin is known as "natural vegetable glycerin" or "vegetable derived glycerin".

Eclectic Lady products contain only vegetable derived glycerin. Our body sprays and handmade soaps contain vegetable derived glycerin.

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